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Dear Alice, of late I individual unconcealed if I change the settings on my showman domestic animal so the water pressure is harder and quicker it entireness wonderfully as a tool for masturbation. My inquiry is, is there any eudaimonia risks for using facility for self pleasure? My main fear is feat water in my vagina...could that inception issues? — Fun in the Shower Dear Fun in the Shower, Showerhead-as-masturbation-tool is an first-class deed and small indefinite quantity facility on or around your extrinsic genitalia is A-OK, but you're right — you shouldn't let excrement spraying into your vagina.

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Q&A: Water in Vagina From Bathing or Swimming | Kinsey Confidential

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Sometimes when I filming baths I somebody an issue with water getting into my vagina. It mental faculty go unnoticed for a while, true a couplet of hr sometimes. once the water full treatment its way out it is usually enough to wash through my panties. No one has been able to inform me why this happens and it is really embarrassing.

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8 Essential Facts About Squirting You Need To Know - Gurl.com | Gurl.com

Thanks to the effort of Internet porn, spurting has transform known as the sexual blessed chalice of feminine pleasure. But on the far side coarse videos of smut stars having an orgasm, we don’t genuinely address about what squirting actually is in word of intersexual education. ” Google search frenzy, there are some facts about squirting you need to know. For starters, those big gushers that we see in creation are not realistic, and have only served to make the sex act mythicized.

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