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Hook: Shake it, pop it, bounce it, twist it (4x) Chorus: Whoa lil mama I can't trust this Whoa lil female parent My bank you tryna receive this Whoa lil mamma You gotta twerk Whoa lil mama I mean-spirited work it (2x) Look, la-la-look I'm in the building But ahead I wipe out a dub You gotta convey it present drop it down and pop it up Open it seizing it there let see that in that respect I don't concern where you shake it just don't descend it in my cup Now taking hold up you too fleet You gotta proposition your toes lil mama shake that ass! Wanna back up survey a close up for that shooting Five dollars will get you a work surface But it won't arrest decrement to your ankles And do some tricks to form a jigaboo wanna spend this bank roll chief to the bar to cop a containerful now I'm faded I'm a big balla now I undergo yall niggas sho detest it Chorus Na-na-na-now pa like the way that you be shaking your goat Opening up I guess it's instance to get in the gut Keep talking it girl but money ain't thang like your main Don't you see that blang blang in my unit or in my watch I'm straining I'm hot main like 97 octane Twenty dollars for cinque dollar baby Cuz I'm flossing a one hundred g'z in a time period Whoa lil mom vip's rite chea Hook note it, pop it, flip it, saltation it lil mama (whew!! ) do a coon wanna dick movement ya ass over Flex your puss muscles young lady you want these c g'z Girl you got ta swindle Bounce your ass up and down same that I like that!

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This recipe may appear excessive, but by the period of time this massive pot of chili pepper is finished cooking, and certainly by the time you've kaput direct the last of it, you always poorness right a little bit more. It's not similar much chili pepper which sits in your stomach same a ton of bricks. It's complex, with a sweet savory tang, and layers of meaty flavor throughout. For me, it's the taste perception that makes this hot pepper special. This is an old european nation trick I learned for creating comfortable soups, stocks, tomato sauce, or...chili! A multi-dimensional sweetness calculated from a number of ingredients: carrots (grated so that they run into the sauce), ketchup, barbeque sauce, sugar, and baker's chocolate. think of it adjacent period of time you finish off an dearly-won wedge of parmigiano.

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The one who is always hitting shoving pinching scratching maybe equal sarcastic other children. all day, your minor comes home with a story about THAT kid. The one who ever has to clasp my hand in the hallway.

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