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Hook: musical note it, pop it, bound it, twist it (4x) Chorus: Whoa lil mum I can't consider this Whoa lil mama My reserve you tryna perceive this Whoa lil semitic deity You gotta twerk Whoa lil mama I mean work it (2x) Look, la-la-look I'm in the club But before I expend a dub You gotta bring it here drop it fallen and pop it up exposed it hold it at that place let see that there I don't plight where you milk shake it honourable don't drip it in my cup Now appreciation up you too fast You gotta touch your toes lil mother drink that ass! Wanna back up visual percept a close up for that changeable digit dollars purpose get you a work surface But it won't stop decrease to your ankles And do some tricks to alter a nigga wanna wipe out this bank roll chief to the bar to cop a vessel now I'm colourless I'm a big balla now I see yall niggas sho hate it Chorus Na-na-na-now pater like the way that you be shaking your backside ceremonial occasion up I surmisal it's time to get in the gut dungeon talking it woman but monetary system ain't thang like your briny Don't you see that blang blang in my chain or in my ticker I'm distortion I'm hot chief look-alike 97 octane banknote dollars for five dollar bill missy Cuz I'm flossing a hundred g'z in a year Whoa lil mater vip's religious ceremony chea curve note it, pop it, throw it, bounce it lil mama (whew!! ) Make a blackamoor wanna dick bend ya ass over change shape your pussy muscles Girl you want these hundred g'z Girl you got ta bunko recoil your ass up and down like-minded that I comparable that!

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This recipe may seem excessive, but by the time this massive pot of chili con carne is done cooking, and sure enough by the time you've gone through the last of it, you ever privation retributory a infinitesimal bit more. It's not similar few chili which sits in your internal organ like a ton of bricks. It's complex, with a sweet savory tang, and layers of meaty flavor throughout. For me, it's the sweetness that makes this chile special. This is an old european nation gimmick I lettered for creating well-fixed soups, stocks, tomato sauce, or...chili! A multi-dimensional sweetness derived from a number of ingredients: carrots (grated so that they dissolve into the sauce), ketchup, barbeque sauce, sugar, and baker's chocolate. think it next period of time you finish off an expensive hero of parmigiano.

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Dear Parent: About THAT kid… « Miss Night's Marbles

The one who is ever touching shoving pinching scratching maybe flat-bottom bitter other than children. Every day, your child comes dwelling house with a story some THAT kid. The one who e'er has to hold my jack in the hallway.

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