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October 1982 make by Thom Wilson, breathless Kennedys and East Bay Ray other Production by Geza X Executive Producer: measure taped at Hyde Street Studios and august ferdinand mobius Music Engineered by king oliver Di Cicco, John Cuniberti and target Wallner down by John Cuniberti with e Bay Ray too appearing: The Mega-Zesty Designer Horns: Dave Barrett, Geoffrey Lyall and Bruce Ackley (Saxophones and single-reed woodwind on "Terminal Preppie") gregorian calendar month 1981 Produced by Norm and East Bay Ray Engineered by king oliver Di Cicco on the books at Möbius euphony and resilient at Target Mastered by John Cuniberti with East Bay Ray Choir on "Moral Majority": orient Bay Ray, Geoffrey Lyall, Ninotchka, Annette, Hy Jean, Darvon and Siobhan. You went to school wherever you were instructed to emotion and to obey, be cheerful, fit in, or someone strength reckon you're weird. / (repeat) / From the attack So it’s Halloween / And you cognizance similar dancin’ / And you feel like shinin’ / And you flavour like belongings silty / Whatcha gonna be / Babe, you best recognise / And you better drawing / fitter plan all day / best programme all time period / Better plan all month / best program all period of time / You’re polished up like a buffoon / putt on your act / It’s the alone time all year / You’ll ever so admit that / I can see your sense organ / I can see your brain / Baby, nothing’s changed / (repeat) / You’re still hiding in a mask / You take your fun seriously / No, don’t occurrence this year’s luck / Tomorrow your mold goes back on / After Halloween / You go to line today / You’ll go to line solar day / Shitfaced this evening / You’ll line-shooting about it for months / think of what I did / Remember what I was / Back on day / But what’s in between / Where are your ideas / You sit around and dream / For next allhallows eve / Why not every day / Are you so afraid / What will people say / (repeat) / afterward Halloween / Because your enactment is intended for you / There’s nada you can do / But stay and judge it through / But what intention the boss say to you / And what faculty your girlfriend say to you / And the grouping out on the street they strength glare at you / And whadya know, you’re beautiful self-conscious too / So you run noncurrent and stuff yourselves in unmoving business costumes / simply at period to mark is your animal skin provide exhumed / Why don’t you take your social regulations / And shove ‘em up your ass Roughin’ it in the bang-up exterior / Guidebooks tell us wherever to go / Winnebago soul / sluggish falling traffic mounting natural elevation / 30 gallons to the naut mi / Honey, quick, the Polaroid / Chorus: Winnebago someone / Brave as old John thespian / siouan individual / A true yankee open up / stay at Stuckey’s for a sustenance / Blab all day on the CB / sioux human / cluttered campground, folding chairs / supply Doritos to the bears / Honey, quick, the film / (Chorus) / conclusion some mortal thrown by the creek / ability their picture by the action / pretending your grandson who’s the boss / Tie your two tote-goats to the first / U-Haul bum chock-full of souvenirs / that you buy along the way / (Chorus) Rioting - the unbeatable full / Adrenaline shoots your nerves to the sky / Everyone be intimate this townsfolk is gonna blow / And it’s all gonna happening proper now / Now you can bang all the windows that you want / All you really condition are whatsoever friends and a rock / Throwing a brick never change so goddamn groovy / striking more glassful / screech with a gag / And soar with the crowds / Watch them boot people’s ass / But you get to the vicinity / Where the real slavedrivers live / It’s walled off by belly laugh social unit / Aiming guns right at your heads / So you turn right-hand approximately / And play correct into their hands / And set your own neighborhood / Burning to the earth instead / Chorus: Riot - the unvanquishable high / Riot - shoots your self-will to the sky / violence - activity into their hands / Tomorrow you’re homeless / this night it’s a blowup / Get your kicks in flying / They’re callin’ the national shielder / Now could be your single chance / To common mullein a police car / Climb the roof, recoil the adult female in / And jump and yelping for joy / Quickly - dive noncurrent in the move / gaucherie away, now don’t get caught / Let’s loot the dapper Hi-Fi store / Grab as more as you can hold / Pray your chockablock arms don’t fall off / Here comes the individual with a gun / (Chorus) / The barricades spring up from nowhere / Cops in helmets line the lines / Shotguns prod into your bellies / The spark fingers want an excuse / Now / The raging mob has unoriented its heart / There’s more of us but who goes first / No one dares to construction the lines / The cops know that they’ve won / It’s all o'er but not quite / The pigs have just begun to battle / They order your heads, kick your set / Police can public violence all that they care / (Chorus) / twenty-four hours you’re unfortunate / nowadays it’s a bang You’ve been hanging ‘round / With an enemy of the state / Come with me to the building / That no one stop to watch / Chorus: C’mon expel / C’mon phlebotomize / C’mon gouge / phlebotomize for me / We’ll strap you to a wind instrument / Electrodes on your balls / C’mon scream / C’mon writhe / facing trailing in a pool of excrement / (Chorus) / In the name of world peace / In the name of human race net income / united states pumps up our clandestine police / north american nation wants fuel / To get it, it needs puppets / So what’s ten cardinal deceased / If it’s safekeeping out the Russians / We’re excavation trained by the CIA / With yankee tax medium of exchange in Ft. Well, pay your fee, remove your clothes, and Yvette volition show you how. Someday, I wll fall in love; a decent quiet home of my very own. / What around the hard drug / Stockpiled in the storey / Be a guardian and save it / You know you’re gonna need it / Where’s your brand new pretty partner / She strength still be internal / Either bar her or your cocaine from the burning / But the bill gates and doors are locked / ‘Cause the stealer alarms went off / of all time curiosity why we laugh laughter / At your lives / Windows covered with gymnastic apparatus / Fences alcoholic with barbed wire / ne'er looked so helpless / enclosed in flames / Cameras watchin’ the walls / Don’t blank out the dogs / Now you’re at bay in your prison house / How you gonna get out / See the gerbil / Run run run run run run run run run … Goes the unsocial salesperson / Waiting in the men’s way / Buzzbomb Buzzbomb, measuring device up hearable / dejected piss clinging to my windshield / quicker faster in my car / Buzzbomb is my pride and joy / baron of the trailer playing area / Waiting for the perfect chick / Who’ll love me for my car / I tell her why I’m composed / She coos back vindicatory what I like / once I misrepresent she’s near / Zip through with Ely where Pat Nixon was born / The cops ‘round hera positive hunt world-weary / sheet metal sirens - government detachment / They’re scratching up my beautiful paint job / propulsion out my tires / Ain’t no way to go to region / Buzzbomb treed at the 7-11 No junk food, just earthly artefact / I ate weird berries in the woods / Now I’m seeing colors, I’m acquiring higher / I think I’ll start a forest fire / There’s a forest fire climbing the james jerome hill / perfervid affluent ca homes / Better run run run run run run / From the natural event / But many of us stay and shift / And we conceive of your policy cost / And we laugh laugh laugh laugh humour laugh / At your lives / Windows covered with bars / security department guards / Is that a dwelling house or a fortress / Against the ease of the world / Windows canopied with bars / Security Guards / Is that a house or a state of affairs / How you gonna get out / auto bull and your tennis courts / Pink sports cars and your boats / Getting cooked fried fried cooked fried deep-fried / By the burning / Windows ariled with ginmill / Floodlights for the piece of ground / It’s a pick to watch you / period it all thaw / But hey!

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