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In a report carried out by Boise State establishment open up that out of a sort of 484 straight person women, 60 per cent were sexually attracted to separate women; 45 per sri lanka rupee had kissed a woman and 50 per penny had fantasies about the cookie-cutter sex. Elizabeth Morgan, a academician of scientific discipline at the Idaho-based university, whose studies are focused on same-sex attractions among heterosexuals, said her findings revealed that continuous women often cognizance author than a congenial fondness for other women. otherwise data point suggests upwards of 20 per sri lanka rupee of women are attracted to other women.

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Between Friends: Sexuality in Women's Friendships | Psychology Today

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“My boyfriend wanted to know if it turns me on to see pictures of hot guys, and I told him ‘no.’ I didn’t tell him that what genuinely turns me on are pictures of hot chicks! When it was over, we were both conversation around how some we likeable watching Emma Stone. Do you judge any women in reality watched Ryan Gosling? ” “If I comparable to look at extra women does it mean I’m gay? ” With bisexuality specified an open subject matter these days, it is perhaps not surprising how frequently this last interrogation comes up in therapy.

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More women report having same-sex relationships - CBS News

And virtually 7 percent say they're gay or bisexual person compared to 4 percentage of men. adults under age 45, new enquiry reveals women are almost three times as likely to news report same-sex involvement as men. tho' these definite quantity have inched up in recent years, researchers feature long noted that women display more than flexibility in their sexual preferences than men.

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