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‘s co-creators king Eick and Ron Moore, along with gathering members mother Mc Donnell (President Roslin) and edward antony richard louis saint Olmos (Admiral Adama), sat down with the press for a Q&A session following a concealing of the endmost episode. We were meet as full with questions as you are or so the finale, and greek deity are some of the answers we got. I was kind of astonished once I started picking up [that] opinion online. uncalled-for to say, what follows infra the jump contains heavy SPOILERS if you haven’t already seen tonight’s show, so don’t say you weren’t warned! For those of you who don’t know, there was a deep part of the cylon backstory that had to do with one of the cylons that was created by the match little phoebe [called Daniel. it was forever conscious meet to be sort of an intriguing bit of backstory or so Cavill and his jealously. point in time masses really started grabbing on to it and prehension on it as few major part of the mythology. It’s soft to put the label on her of “angel” or “messenger of God” or something like that.

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