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Virtual Museum

Digital Footprint of Physical Museums

A virtual museum is a digital entity which depicts the characteristics of a museum that complements, enhances, or augments the overall museum experience by means of personalization, interactivity and also the richness of content. Virtual museums are usually delivered electronically and they are also called as online museums, hyper museum, digital museum, cyber museums or web museums.

The Concept

This is a bold step forward for the Department of Archaeology & Museums, Telangana in adopting this pioneering technology which enhances the brand value of the museums and the priceless artefacts of the state.

According to ICOM (International Council of Museums), a virtual museum is also committed to public access; for both knowledge systems imbedded in the collections as well as systematic and coherent organization of their displays, including their long-term preservation.

A virtual museum is designed around specific objects with new exhibitions as well as mobile internet offerings of traditional museums. This includes net art, virtual reality as well as digital art.

Interactive Environment

There are many forms of interactive environments. The Department of Archaeology & Museums, Telangana re-creates a 3D space with perfect visual representations of the museum by means of 3D architectural metaphor, which offers a sense of place by using spatial references.

A virtual museum tour system also makes use of mobile telepresence technology which allows remote visitors to event interact with a museum facilitator using advanced omni directional camera. Each remote visitor would be able to control their own view of the museum gallery.